The largest European Flyball Governing Bodies have, on the initiative of the BFB, come together to publish the following charter:

Each organisation/federation commits itself never to deny a team entry on their tournaments, when the team is a member of an organisation/ federation who signed this charter. The participating teams accept and respect the rules and judges of the organising organisation/federation.

The idea to tighten the relationships between the European Flyball family grew at the European Championship in Great Britain, organised by the BFA and where about 100 teams participated. Apart from the British Flyball Association, a large number of Belgian, German, French and Czech teams, enthusiastically welcomed this charter.

The purpose of this charter is to stimulated an open and tolerant European Flyball Family. A nice prospective for the future of the European flyball Championship.

Interested Flyball Governing Bodies who want to undersign this European Flyball Charter, can contact the BFB at: